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Jacqueline Benjamin | January 5, 2017

As organisations look to offer benefits that make a tangible difference to their employees’ quality of life, offering concierge services as a voluntary benefit has gone from being 'nice to have' to forming a key part of any comprehensive benefits package.

Jacqueline Benjamin | December 12, 2016
Life After Salary Sacrifice

Most employers are well aware of the recently announced changes to the tax perks enjoyed by salary sacrifice schemes. The good news is that there are still many ways to provide value to staff. 

Jacqueline Benjamin | December 9, 2016
The Discounts Portal Checklist

A list of key offer and retailer considerations for organisations about to integrate an employee discount portal with a voluntary benefits platform.

Jacqueline Benjamin | November 21, 2016
Staff Recognition For Culture & Values

A panel of experts – which included Michael Rose, Reward Strategy Consultant and author of Reward Management, Sally Purbrick, Head of Reward at Anglian Water and Jamie King, Head of Reward at Xexec – identify a number of practical steps how organisations can implement a successful recognition strategy.

Jacqueline Benjamin | November 7, 2016
Service & Loyalty Rewards

More than ever before staff want to feel valued by their team, their employers and their peers. They want to know that the 15 or 20 years of loyal service meant something to the company and that the company has grown to know and understand them as an individual.

Jacqueline Benjamin | October 20, 2016
Cancer Research Employee Engagement Benefits Portal

Xexec, a leading employee engagement, reward & recognition and customer loyalty programmes provider, today launched a new suite of employee engagement and retention services and announced Cancer Research UK as the first organisation to adopt the integrated discounts and reward and recognition platform. 

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 12, 2016
Staff retention problems

One of the most difficult jobs for managers and Human Resources teams is to keep top talent. 

Jacqueline Benjamin | August 23, 2016
The Francis Crick Institute Xexec Client

The team at Xexec are pleased to announce that The Francis Crick Institute are the latest client we have on board and we’re delighted that their 1,800 employees will benefit from our discount portal and employee benefit schemes. 

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Jacqueline Benjamin | August 10, 2016
Would you rather work for Amazon or Apple?

Amazon and Apple are both among the most admired companies in the world. However, feedback from employees on suggests that both have historically somewhat struggled with employee engagement...

Jacqueline Benjamin | August 2, 2016
Spot Company Talent

One of the most difficult and important jobs for managers and Human Resources teams is to spot talent. According to recent research by CEB Global, the work environment is very different now to five years ago, which makes spotting rising stars even more difficult.