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The value of a concierge service as part of a benefits package

As organisations look to offer benefits that make a tangible difference to their employees’ quality of life, offering concierge services as a voluntary benefit has gone from being 'nice to have' to forming a key part of any comprehensive benefits package.

Recognition must be about reinforcing culture and values

Staff Recognition For Culture & Values

A panel of experts – which included Michael Rose, Reward Strategy Consultant and author of Reward Management, Sally Purbrick, Head of Reward at Anglian Water and Jamie King, Head of Reward at Xexec – identify a number of practical steps how organisations can implement a successful recognition strategy.

Which is the Better Employer - Facebook or Google?

Better Employer Facebook or Google?

There is fierce competition among Human Resources Directors from top companies to attract and retain top talent. A critical way that companies compete is through Employee Engagement - ensuring that employees feel valued through great benefits, reward and recognition schemes and building the right culture and environment.

Three Very Different Loyal Customers

Different Loyal Customers

The value of a loyal customer is obvious — there is plenty of research available that demonstrates a loyal customer’s tendency to spend more, stay longer and advocate to others. For example, a study by the Centre for Retail Management found that retailers could tie 55–75% of their revenue to their loyal customers, which usually represent just 12–15% of the entire customer base.


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