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Our award-winning web-based platforms are at the heart of everything we do. Your role will be to take responsibility for the full scope of activities required to deliver, implement, test, and maintain many of our new platforms and sites.

The role is part implementation development, part beta testing, part quality assurance and part project management. You can see this is a critical and highly valued role for us, and you will play a pivotal part our continued success as a leader in our market.

You must love business, technology and user experience. But more specifically, we are looking for:

A good grasp of web-based technology

You are not a developer, but you’re able to quickly learn what is and what is not feasible from a technical perspective, you have a good sense of how long things take to build, and you have the language and know-how to liaise with and chase development/coding teams.

Excellent and mature client management skills

You will be dealing with clients, understanding and documenting their requirements, managing their expectations… you must look for ways to say yes, but be comfortable saying no.

Excellent writing skills

You will need to capture functional requirements in unambiguous and precise language

A creative bent

You must have a good sense of what looks good with regard to digital content so as to participate in discussions with clients and development teams re modern UI design.

Appreciating good User Experience

You must have a good sense of what makes a simple and hassle-free user journey.

A commercial brain

The ability to measure technical and functional requirements against commercial realities


You want your products to be the best in market; you’ll research what other providers are offering and it will bother you if we are not always one step ahead.

UAT management

You know how to prepare test cases/scripts, criteria and procedures for UAT, and you have an obsessional interest in finding errors whilst managing our end-to-end pre-launch functionality/feature testing

Exceptional attention to detail

Will you spot the missing question mark, or the inconsistent use of Upper case in menu headings. You’re not a professional proof-reader but whilst you’re beta testing, these errors will really bother you.

Project management skills

Making project plans; time management; milestone/issue logging, tracking, and prioritising; with a mature, friendly yet authoritative approach to chasing people and deliverables

Our ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years product management experience.

When you come for your interview, how will you demonstrate that you really do have each of the qualities above? How you will convince us that you stand out from other applicants?

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to