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Case Studies

Learn how clients drive engagement with real life examples and case studies on employee benefits, employee recognition and customer loyalty.

Reward & Recognition

Grant Thornton is one of UKs leading business and financial advisors. With a diverse workforce of over 4,500 staff, including around 200 partners with a broad range of skill sets, Grant Thornton is a prime example of the modern workforce.

Benefits Hub

With more than 43,000 officers and staff, the Metropolitan Police is the UK's largest police service and has 25% of the total police budget for England and Wales. As such, it requires considered structure and division of disciplines and skills, with the aim of maintaining a finely-tuned, cohesive organisation.

Lifestyle Benefits

As a leading financial service organisation, Deutsche Bank is a truly global business with employees around the world and a formidable reputation. It continues to attract the best talent around the world and enjoys a workforce and culture that is very highly thought of.

Employee discounts

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) puts a huge emphasis on employee relationships. Despite being one of the larger and better-known charities, they are still bound by financial constraints and the ongoing universal challenge of motivating and engaging their staff. Hence, CRUK has always had to be more innovative with the way that they reward and motivate their team. Not only that, but CRUK has loyal dedicated staff who often go far above and beyond what is expected of them, because they feel so passionately about the organisation. CRUK wanted to be able to reward these efforts by offering their staff a bespoke employee discount portal, housing thousands of discounts and benefits.