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Employee discounts

Business Overview

Case Study: Cognizant

They are American multinational corporation with over 6000 associates in the UK spread across three offices. It provides IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services. Whilst it has three locations, many of its associates work remotely or on site at their client’s locations.

Number of Employees
IT Services

The Challenge 
As a leading business in the IT services space, Cognizant understand the importance of providing more than simply a wage packet to each of its 6000 associates. As such, it has always provided a broad range of employee benefits and discounts. However, towards the end of 2017 it was starting to become clear that the existing offering, whilst popular, needed to be reviewed and broadened in its appeal. In addition, the increasingly diverse and international make up of Cognizant’s workforce meant that each associate had very different needs. With over 65% of associates being from overseas, working on 3-5-year contracts, it was critical that the discounts and benefits on offer met their needs as well as those UK residents with family and financial commitments in the UK. It was at this time that Cognizant decided to look into the market to find a partner who they could work with to develop a strong offering which provided a broad enough range of discounts and also supported the individual needs of each of its associates.
The Solution 
After an initial consultation, Cognizant decided to partner with Xexec and implement an employee discount available for its associates. The platform provides access to over 3000 discounts including at local and mainstream department stores, fashion outlets, supermarkets such as Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, and even deals at all major cinemas. In addition, it meets the increasing need of Cognizant’s growing population of ex-pat associates by offering them up to 50% discounts on travel and hotels packages in addition to upgrades and late checkouts. The lifestyle concierge service has also been a key part of Cognizant’s decision to work with Xexec. This unique service is new to Cognizant and allows its associates to get help when booking flights, hotels, concert tickets, restaurants, or even domestic services such as plumbers, electricians and builders.
The Outcome 
Since its launch in early 2018, the discount platform has been a huge success. Today. It is one of the most popular and widely used services that Cognizant offers its associates. As such, over 5500 of its 6000 employees have registered to use the platform. In the last quarter (Sept 19 to January 2020) over £100k was spent by associates on the platform through cashback alone and since its launch that number is well in excess of £300k. With over fifty thousand-page visits per month discounts are delivering a clear value to each associate. The most popular ones on offer to date have been local cinema vouchers closely followed by domestic appliance offerings at retailers such as Curry’s and Argos. Cashback `offers have also been well-received. The most increasingly popular part of the platform is around travel and the use of the concierge service.
“When I first joined Cognizant, the platform had just been launched and were focused on getting employees to sign up and take advantage of the discounts on offer. Xexec has been fantastic in their support of the programme, achieving take up across the company that vastly exceeded our highest levels of expectation. This level of support has been maintained throughout the two years we have been operating the programme. Xexec has proactively provided workshops, special promotions, associate support and marketing materiel that has continued to make this platform such an integral part of our benefits offering”. What really separates Xexec from other providers is their ability to provide fresh services such as the lifestyle concierge service and ensure that discounts remain exciting and relevant to all our employees” – Marvoreen Young, Senior manager UK & Ireland Benefits, Cognizant.