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Employee discounts

Business Overview

Case Study: Cognizant

An employee benefits platform that is appealing to all ages and demographics. 

Cognizant helps clients modernise technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences. They give organisations the insights to anticipate what customers want and act instantly to deliver on those demands to be ahead of a fast-changing world. 

They believe that the continuous improvement of their team is the catalyst for growth and innovation, and so they offer their employees the flexibility, support and opportunities to take their lives and careers to new places. We spoke to Marvoreen Young, Senior Manager of UK & Ireland Benefits to learn more about how the implementation of their employee benefits program, Cognizant Discounts, helps to support the company’s overall values and commitment to supporting their employees.

Number of Employees

The Challenge 

Cognizant was looking for an employee discount solution that could help their associates and their families live healthy lifestyles as a part of the company’s financial wellbeing strategy for their staff. 

Many of their international associates come to the UK on short 3-5 year work visa’s with a focus to maximise their saving potential and send money home to their families so Cognizant required an employee discount solution that would allow their employees to stretch their monthly incomes and be able to afford essential items and save on luxury brands. They wanted a scheme that was well-utilised, offered great value for money and had a unique selling point. 

The Solution 

Xexec has been able to offer Cognizant the unique selling point they were looking for thanks to our in-house concierge service that allows employees to book theatre tickets, VIP seats and holidays with a helpful team who ensure maximum saving potential. 

With a portion of the workforce on short term work contracts, optimising their spending whilst in the UK has been possible thanks to discounts on basic goods and services like Tesco and Iceland. These savings have been particularly helpful during the pandemic when one member of a household may have lost their opportunity to earn an income. 

How has having implemented our solution helped you attract or retain talent?
With many associates here on a work visa for 3-5 years. Their focus is to send money home to their families and save whilst they are here. Having Xexec on board has enabled many to meet those objectives considering the UK is quite an expensive country to live in. The Xexec solution enables our assignees to stretch their incomes a little further by being able to purchase essential items/services at discounted prices. 

Take in the sights, visit the theatre and book trips to Europe at affordable prices. For our local associates, it’s very similar to our assignees, where our associates want to purchase essential items and luxury goods at affordable prices. During Covid a few of our associates have gone from having two incomes to one income. This is also when the Xexec solution has been helpful.

The Outcome 

Marvoreen feels that Xexec’s solution fits in well with Cognizant’s financial wellbeing strategy. Their associates have become more resourceful with their finances, despite the initial shock of moving to the UK and realising how expensive the living costs can be.  

Xexec contributes towards helping international associates who are on short term contracts, achieve their savings goals in order to financially support their loved ones at home. Local hires have become more conscious about where they spend their money and enjoy the great bargains on products and services that they can obtain through the platform. Overall, Cognizant had found that the platform is appealing to all ages and demographics that make up their workforce.

You have achieved fantastic engagement with the number of employees who have registered for Cognizant Discounts. Why do you think this has been so well received by staff?

I think our communication strategy has helped, which has been created in partnership with Xexec. We use many different methods to remind associates about this benefit. In addition, the platform offers discounts on a variety of services and items our associates are interested in. 

Have you seen an improvement in key metrics following the introduction of our solution? Are you able to quantify these improvements?

Yes, we can see the spend and utilisation of the scheme have improved enormously since onboarding Xexec, but I also think the communication strategy has also helped. We can quantify the improvements through the stats shared on a quarterly basis by Xexec. 

What advice would you have for other businesses looking at implementing a similar scheme?

Ensure you have a good communication strategy; it is easy for associates to forget they have certain benefits if they are not constantly reminded about their existence.

“When I first joined Cognizant, the platform had just been launched and were focused on getting employees to sign up and take advantage of the discounts on offer. Xexec has been fantastic in their support of the programme, achieving take up across the company that vastly exceeded our highest levels of expectation. This level of support has been maintained throughout the two years we have been operating the programme. Xexec has proactively provided workshops, special promotions, associate support and marketing materiel that has continued to make this platform such an integral part of our benefits offering”. What really separates Xexec from other providers is their ability to provide fresh services such as the lifestyle concierge service and ensure that discounts remain exciting and relevant to all our employees” – Marvoreen Young, Senior manager UK & Ireland Benefits, Cognizant.