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Customer Loyalty
Business Overview 

In an increasingly busy industry, insurers are struggling to stand out from each other. Client X was seeking to gain market share through the use of incentives, so we worked with them to develop a strategy that would drive acquisition in an effective manner. Client X is a large general insurance provider that has a very strong history but as a result of rationalisation of their insurance book, was looking to aggressively grow market share. 

The challenge 

The general insurance market has become overcrowded with disproportional influence exerted by comparison sites and aggregators. Insurers are also increasingly limited by regulatory requirements that push them to encourage customers to regularly look elsewhere for a better deal. 

Xexec was left to build a model that would look at the key elements to actively grow market share whilst at the same time ensuring that the acquisition would be targeted and valuable over an extended customer lifespan.

The solution 

Xexec developed a model that was broadly based on a percentage of annual premium that would be used as an acquisition incentive. As Client X sought to aggressively and quickly grow acquisitions, it dedicated a sizeable percentage to the incentive, knowing also that they enjoyed very strong retention rates through their existing engagement and hence their lifetime customer value would be significant.

Rather than offering a proscribed incentive, Xexec developed an aspirational selection around the different incentive levels, allowing the customer to select their own incentive. These ranged from an M&S or Amazon voucher through to Theatre Tickets, Spa Breaks, Afternoon Tea and even Bungee Jumping and Recording Studio sessions. The diverse selection empowered the customer to choose what they really wanted whilst at the same time supporting a robust breakage model.

The Outcome 

Xexec worked with Client X to identify potential audiences based on postcode suitability and other data driven segmentation tools. Xexec recognised the need to encourage customers to take out a quote, notwithstanding that they maybe a number of months away from renewal. As such, the incentive was an encouragement to get customers to input their renewal dates into a very simple online form. Customers completing the form were instantly sent a voucher for a free cup of coffee usable until their renewal date. Customers were contacted 3 months prior to their renewals to notify them that an excellent offer would be sent to then again one month before renewal, alerting them to look out for it.

The results have been very significant. Quote incentives increased capture of renewal dates by over 40% with the conversion rates to purchase of those who had provided their details as a result of the quote incentive almost 30% higher than those who had not. The most significant success was the acquisition incentives which as a result of their flexibility undoubtedly drove customers past the line. Conversion rates on new policies increased by more than 40% which coupled with the very low attrition rates enjoyed by the Client has delivered an outstanding ROI. Additionally, the cost of the incentive when amortised over the lifetime of the customer together with the benefit of breakage meant that Client X enjoyed a very significant return as well as further increasing their NPS as a result of the quirky and exciting incentives. 

More Case Studies

Employee discounts

The Xexec / Sytner offering has been a great success with an extremely high engagement level amongst staff and outstanding website usage. Sytner has achieved the impressive feat of featuring on the Sunday Times ‘Best Big Companies to Work For 2016’ list in a top-5 position and is working with Xexec to do everything possible to ‘attract, motivate and retain the very best team members’. 

Reward & Recognition

Designed to motivate and give something back to their staff, the new platform is available to all employees across the UK. Xexec provides a bespoke service and has worked closely with Anglian Water to make the employee Reward & Recognition scheme “on brand” and similar to the company’s existing GEM platform.

Employee discounts

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) puts a huge emphasis on employee relationships. Despite being one of the larger and better-known charities, they are still bound by financial constraints and the ongoing universal challenge of motivating and engaging their staff. Hence, CRUK has always had to be more innovative with the way that they reward and motivate their team. Not only that, but CRUK has loyal dedicated staff who often go far above and beyond what is expected of them, because they feel so passionately about the organisation. CRUK wanted to be able to reward these efforts by offering their staff a bespoke employee discount portal, housing thousands of discounts and benefits.

Customer Loyalty

A leading global bank with very strong credit card and wealth management businesses, with customers across the world. The client has some strong premium credit card businesses in Russia, UAE, Egypt, Poland, Czech Republic and France. The bank approached Xexec to run a campaign to target key customers of its wealth management and credit card businesses.