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Jungheinrich Employee discounts

Business Overview

Jungheinrich is a German company active in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. As a family company, sustainability runs in Jungheinrich's blood. Their success is huge – thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive of our exceptional employees. Their success is largely based on their values of a family-driven company: reliability, a strong sense of unity, mutual respect and integrity are a matter of course, and give the company its unwavering stability.
Number of Employees

The Challenge 

For over 50 years, Jungheinrich have been investing in innovation, research and development and in their most valuable asset — their employees. With seven sites across the UK and almost 800 staff from a wide variety of roles, Jonathan Pearce (Assistant HR Director) and his team needed a tailored, effective solution to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Jungheinrich were looking for an employee benefit solution that would communicate its dedication to the recognition of their employees. Their overarching goal was increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

The Solution 

Jungheinrich worked closely with Xexec to launch a customised discounts platform, perfectly suited to their unique demographic and company values. Jungheinrich chose Xexec as the product and service offerings aligned very well with their vision of employee benefits. The platform was designed with a focus on Jungheinrich's employees and their priorities. The staff love the hundreds of relevant, high value discounts and benefits from popular retailers. This employee-first focus is a reflection of Jungheinrich's company ethos; keeping employees interests at the heart of everything we do.

The Outcome 

Since launch, Jungheinrich’s discounts platform has increased employee engagement providing thousands of pounds of savings and a range of exclusive benefits. Jungheinrich has achieved fantastic engagement with 74% of employees registered. This is a tribute to the excellent marketing, great savings and constant communication from the Xexec team. Jungheinrich has seen much higher engagement from employees since the platform was launched. Jungheinrich's advice for other businesses looking to motivate and engage their staff: "the key is to ensure your benefits programmes are customised for your demographic and to maintain regular marketing and communications."

"Our success is largely based on our values as a family-driven company: for us, reliability, a strong sense of unity, mutual respect and integrity are a matter of course, and give our company its unwavering stability." - Jonathan Pearce, Assistant HR Director, Jungheinrich UK