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Case Study Logo (Anonymous) Member Loyalty

Business Overview

Our client is a leading membership body in the UK with a member base comprising mass affluent to affluent professionals. As savvy consumers they have had access to other member benefits packages but these were not particularly successful. On the recommendation of an existing client the membership body engaged Xexec to work on implementing key retention tools.

The Challenge 

The association was struggling with retention in its core base and had looked at various schemes to reduce attrition rates. One important limiting factor was member communications, which had restrictions on messaging and promotion.  

The client had a limited budget and required a clear ROI.

Working with the membership body, Xexec was able to segment a key vertical of customers who had shown a degree of loyalty in the past but were nonetheless more likely not to renew their memberships.

The Solution 

Based upon an extensive overview of previous member benefits campaigns as well as an understanding of demographics, we proposed to the client a broad-based concierge service as a means of building a customer focus and highlighting to members the privileges that it brings. 

The concierge scheme offers a bespoke service for members providing tickets to sold-out events, preferential VIP seating and lounge access at key arenas. Members can also enjoy reservations at top restaurants and guest list entry to exclusive clubs throughout the UK. Xexec developed, through the client’s in-house PR team, a suite of communications highlighting the concierge service as a key benefit inherent in the membership. Thus, we were successfully able to move the narrow focus on membership fees to a more global and holistic exclusive customer offering.

The Outcome 
Despite the organisation’s limited budget and restrictions around member communications, Xexec succeeded in reducing the attrition rate of the main customer base by over 3%. Moreover, in the key segment of ‘at risk’ clients, the retention rate was improved by close to 6%. The membership body was delighted with the results which showed an outstanding ROI and is utilising Xexec for further retention and acquisition campaigns.