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Newham London Employee discounts

Business Overview

A benefits programme that supports Newham London’s value of “People at the Heart of everything we do”. The London Borough of Newham is a London council created in 1965. Their measure of success as a council is based upon the health, happiness and wellbeing of their residents. Their employee benefits programme aims to incorporate their ethos on an internal level by ensuring the health, happiness and wellbeing of their employees. 

We spoke to Newham London’s Senior HR Consultant, Maria Healy, to learn more about the success of their employee benefits programme. 

Number of Employees
Public Sector

The Challenge 

Newham London needed an employee benefits solution that appealed to a diverse range of staff members and offered something that suited a variety of different lifestyles. They did not have an employee benefits provider prior to joining Xexec so they needed something that was going to be easily adopted by their employees and easy to use.  
What were the main goals you were looking to achieve by implementing Xexec Discounts?
Newham London’s objective was to offer a wide range of benefits to their employees so that they could give their staff a wide variety of offers and benefits that fitted with a multitude of different lifestyles.

The Solution 

After their initial launch, Newham London continues with regular communications via various channels, including wellbeing sessions with a number of teams across the Council. Xexec is a regular feature on their wellbeing hub which covers various themes. The regular features on their wellbeing hub combined with the promotion of monthly offers have enhanced their engagement. 

Amazingly, recent data shows that Xexec has the highest click-through rate in Newham London’s council-wide communication newsletters.

The Outcome 

Newham London continues to see a steady uptake from their employees, many of whom are frontline workers that the council feels have needed reward and recognition more than ever.

Have you seen an improvement in key metrics following the introduction of our solution? Are you able to quantify these improvements?
We have seen a steady increase in uptake, in particular following a themed communication campaign.

The past year has been difficult for everyone. How does the discount scheme fit into your wider recognition of employee’s hard work during these difficult times?
Public Sector have provided frontline support throughout the pandemic and continue to do so. Many of our workers are key workers and really went over and above to ensure residents were fully supported. Recognising and rewarding our workers is more important than ever.

“Recognising and rewarding staff is an important part of engagement. When staff are engaged they are happy and productive. This is a really cost-effective way of giving something back when finances are still so tight.”