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Business Overview

Case Study: Power NI

They are Northern Ireland’s largest electricity provider supplying electricity to homes, businesses and farms, with almost half a million customers. What really matters to them is the excellent service and year-round savings they offer their customers. Power NI fulfils 62% of the domestic market’s electricity needs and 48% of the commercial market. One of its unique selling points is Power NI Perks, a dedicated discount platform, enabling customers to save on their everyday needs.  

Number of Customers
Republic of Ireland

The Challenge 

Power NI is regulated by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation. One of the requirements is that suppliers treat all their domestic customers fairly and equally; therefore Power NI was unable to offer the range of introductory deals that some other providers do for new customers. Power NI took an alternative approach and wanted to offer its customers additional value by giving them access to a discount portal called Perks. This helped minimise any price advantage competitors may have had over them.

Power NI was looking for a platform with discounts most suited to its customer base and a company which would provide the best customer experience through a range of innovations and technologies. Due to the diverse demographics of Power NI’s customer base, the offering needed to appeal to everyone.

The Solution 

Xexec developed a bespoke and fully-branded discount platform for all current Power NI customers. The portal provides access to over 3,000 discounts (online and in-store) comprising instant e-vouchers, cashback, and shopping cards easily redeemable across all major retailers.

The main objective of Perks is to increase customer retention. Power NI invested a lot of time and money into making the portal synonymous with its core brand characteristic of ‘value’. Through above-the-line and below-the-line activity in one year, they were able to increase awareness of Perks by 120% amongst customers and prospects. 

The Outcome 
Since launch, the uptake of Perks by Power NI’s customers has been really successful. With almost half a million sign ups and growing, the engagement level has been positive. Furthermore, customers who have registered with Perks are already 5% more loyal than those who have not. The platform has allowed Power NI to offer additional value to its customers which has helped with engagement, positioning and retention strategies. Some of the most popular discount categories are shopping, hotels, city breaks and home deals with popular retailers being Tesco, Argos, Currys, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Boots.
Xexec has helped us meet our customer retention objectives and provided us with competitive advantage. Their instant vouchers mean customers can log in to the portal whilst out shopping at the relevant retailers and benefit from instant discounts sent directly to their phone. I would recommend them to any company looking to increase the loyalty with either their employee or customer base.” – Beverley Chick, Loyalty and Retention Manager, Power NI.