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Serco Employee discounts

Business Overview

Serco’s accessible, centralised benefits solution for their employees!

With over 20 years of experience in her field, Karen Bateman is an industry expert in HR and Benefits. We spoke to her about Serco’s Benefits programme and how Xexec helped in providing an accessible, easy to manage benefits platform for all of their employees in the UK and Europe!

Number of Employees
30k+ UK
Public Services

The Challenge 

With a large and incredibly diverse staff across multiple locations, accessibility, simplicity and value are at the centre of the Serco HR team’s vision for their employee benefits programmes. Serco partnered with Xexec to address the challenge of providing a benefits programme that makes a positive impact on their staff, helping them fulfil their objective to make a difference every day.

What were the main goals you were looking to achieve by implementing Xexec Discounts?
Our main goal was of course to improve employee engagement, this includes introducing our new staff and re engaging our existing staff to the benefits we have available to them. We also wanted to revitalise our existing benefits programme from the ground up with a focus on improving accessibility. Overall, we really wanted to create a centralised, accessible benefits platform that would make a positive difference every day in our employees lives. Xexec’s huge range of discounts and the flexibility of the platforms made it an easy decision for us in choosing a partner for Serco Benefits.

What were your top priorities when implementing a new benefits platform with Xexec?
Value, flexibility, scalability and accessibility. We needed a product that not only provided a huge range of valuable discounts and offers to our employees but also had the flexibility to host all of our existing and new benefits. We have a wide range of benefits and this is ever increasing as we continue in our mission to improve the wellbeing of our employees. We needed a platform and a partner that had the capability to scale with us as we grow.

What was your overall vision for Serco Benefits and your partnership with Xexec?
We were seeking to create a benefits platform that would be a one stop shop for everything from private medical, information and resources for our employees. The more of our employee benefits and perks we can add to our platform so they can be easily accessed, the better. Xexec’s platform offered a solution that addressed our unique challenges and requirements, specifically our focus on engagement, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. 

The Solution 

Serco’s HR team worked closely in partnership with Xexec’s employee engagement team to launch Serco Benefits, a flexible and accessible platform where staff can easily access all their benefits and hundreds of relevant and exclusive discounts.

What part of the Serco Benefits platform do your users best like?
First and foremost, the savings and exclusive benefits they have access to. Regarding the platform itself, there are a few elements we always get great feedback on and that includes the ease of access via single sign on from our system, the ability to access all their benefits quickly. The simplicity of the platform has allowed us to encourage use and educate our employees on their benefits. Another highlight is the platforms ability to cater to our diverse employee base, increasing inclusivity and making everyone feel like they have been considered!

What part of the Serco Benefits platform do you find the most valuable as Benefits Manager?
Of course the most valuable aspect of the platform for us is that it provides our employees the benefits that increase their wellbeing and engagement at work. From an internal perspective, the most valuable element for us is that it has provided our HR team with a resource and framework we can use to digitalise our huge number of benefits and cut down on resource including administration time and costs.

This last year has been exceptionally difficult for HR teams and employees, has Serco Benefits helped your employees during this time?
Ensuring the financial wellbeing of our employees is a huge focus for us at the moment, our Xexec benefits platform offers great discounts that are really helping with everyday spending. It has also helped us communicate better with our employees and promote the concepts of wellbeing at work.

The Outcome 

Serco Benefits has become an incredibly successful and well received part of the company’s overall benefits programme. Results so far include: an increase in the use of benefits, over £116k saved by employees, reduction in overheads for the Serco HR team and great feedback from employees.

You have achieved fantastic engagement with over 45% of employees registered, benefiting from over £116k worth of savings. Why do you think Serco Benefits has been so well received by employees?
The wide range of discounts is a huge factor, there is something to suit everyone’s demographic and lifestyle. From the normal shopping discounts for everyday spend through to discounts on larger one time purchases, it appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, this is fantastic for us as we continue to promote diversity and inclusion at Serco.

We have also done some great promotion and targeted communications with Xexec’s support which has helped to engage our staff further. We have adjusted the communications to suit our workforce including email, videos and environmental advertising on site. This work has created a huge amount of traction surrounding the programme and continues to increase our engagement for our employees.

What is the biggest change you have seen since implementation for your Benefits Team?
Everything was previously done manually and now we have digitalised and centralised our benefits, increasing accessibility and lowering overheads. We have enhanced our processes, including reporting, our reports go directly go to our partners and we have improved internal processes significantly reducing margin for error. All of this not only saves us resource and stress but also has allowed us the time to dedicate our focus on improving our employees experience at Serco for all of our employees.

What is the future of benefits at Serco and where do you hope to go next?
We want to further improve our platform by adding more benefits based on what our employees find the most beneficial. By creating a benefits programme for the whole of the workforce, we are looking to further improve our employee wellbeing. As a team we have moved mountains, developing our unused and inaccessible benefits to a fully flexible platform that is agile and automated. The enhancements which have occurred as a result of our partnership with Xexec have been a huge positive step in improving life for our employees.

How has the platform been received by stakeholders at Serco?
Really positively, our Private medical scheme has been particularly successful. The smoothness of the process now and the automation Xexec has provided has been hugely appreciated. The positive response internally can also be attributed to the great ROI Serco Benefits has delivered so far, as the use of our benefits have all increased. Prior to working with Xexec we had a real disconnect in our benefits partnerships. We now have dedicated Account Managers who understand our needs. It is a great partnership and delivers great results.