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Voluntary Benefits

Xexecs voluntary benefits platform offers your staff the chance to enjoy literally thousands of discounts, perks, last minute deals, access to events, and travel privileges from a comprehensive range of retail and leisure categories, including:

Gifts, consumer electronics, home and garden, personal computing, groceries, dining, entertainment, family and kids, fashion, domestic services, sport, health & beauty, domestic/international travel, automotive products and services, financial and professional products and services.

Voluntary Benefits For You

We offer real-time discounts at point-of-purchase as well as cashback programmes and retail vouchers... and we do all of this across both regional and global locations. Furthermore, our programmes are not just about retail discounts, but a full range of lifestyle offers that save employees time as well as money, with assistance on everything from finding plumbers to nannies, from key-holding services to home insurance.

There are many ways we can bring these benefits to your staff:

  • Online: via an easy-to-use, secure company-branded website - from work or home
  • Offline: via printed catalogues, vouchers and email promotions
  • By phone: via a personal 1-to-1 telephone concierge service - all part of the package
  • By app: via smart phone and tablet applications with discounts based on actual location

Whichever solution you choose to offer your staff, we'll do all the work on your behalf:

Voluntary Benefit Schemes from Xexec

  • Provide access to thousands of discounts, regardless of your company size
  • Create a bespoke branded portal
  • Develop exciting marketing campaigns for launch and ongoing communications
  • Ensure products are delivered to your employees' doors
  • Handle all related customer services
  • Create bespoke management reports on the programme's usage and savings

We'll even implement an employee communications solution with you - promoting deals of the week, competitions, and seasonally-themed offers by email, desk drops, or office presentations and promotional events.

We'll create a solution that's right for your company - bearing in mind your size, benefits strategy and budget. And best of all, we could have you up and running in a matter of weeks.

Case Study: Cancer Research UK

Learn how Cancer Research UK drives employee engagement with thousands of staff discounts through their voluntary benefits platform.