Business Overview

Anglian Water

Designed to motivate and give something back to their staff, the new platform is available to all employees across the UK. Xexec provides a bespoke service and has worked closely with Anglian Water to make the employee reward and recognition scheme “on brand” and similar to the company’s existing platform. Xexec’s bespoke, and fully client-branded, staff recognition programme allows Anglian Water colleagues to publicly thank and reward individuals or teams for their contribution in the workplace, no matter how big or small.







The Challenge

To replace Anglian Water’s previous paper-based employee recognition offering with a more streamlined and efficient online solution whilst

  • Not having to re-invent the processes staff have already become accustomed to
  • Accommodating Anglian Water’s offline staff
  • Implementing a multi-level approval process
  • Introducing a much broader selection of staff reward choices
  • Increasing uptake amongst colleagues
  • Minimising the burden on HR

The Solution

The Xexec online platform allows employees to:

  • Send personalised thank you cards, digital messages, and certificates to individuals or teams
  • Nominate colleagues for cash awards, fun digital scratch cards, or work-related awards following a multi-level approval process, to mirror the company’s multi-layered reporting hierarchy
  • Access a broad selection of award choices such as travel packages, events, charity donations, consumer products, and retail vouchers, together with a concierge rewards service
  • Make proxy nominations for offline staff
  • Use social recognition tools including Winners’ Wall, Messaging and Likes
  • View bespoke, live MI dashboards and reports, determined by company role/seniority

We have been overwhelmed by the engagement with our new reward and recognition platform. In the first week alone we have had over 200 individual awards and 15 team nominations. Xexec’s platform has been a wonderful addition enabling our colleagues to easily recognise and reward each other’s contributions, making each individual feel like they are part of the team and appreciated in the workplace. Xexec has to take a lot of credit for the success we have already seen in early adoption.” – Sally Purbrick, Head of Reward, Anglian Water.

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