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Member Engagement

Create ‘stickiness’ and drive member loyalty

Attract, Retain and Engage Members

     A range of exciting and rewarding member benefits programmes to drive engagement. 

Our member engagement platforms serves as an added ‘touch-point’ which allows for regular and meaningful member interaction. We work with you to help your members save time and money - and often the cost of the membership. Our member benefits programs offer discounted deals on products and services which are relevant to the member either as an individual or at their place of work.

Delivering Value

A solution that ensures members can rationalise the spend on their membership dues by offering significant savings and benefits, equating to far more than the membership cost. Our consultative approach will assist you in creating the ideal mix in terms of both maximising revenue and proactively managing your membership book. We are very experienced in helping Member Bodies to tier their offerings, allowing for the provision of preferred benefits and savings for more valuable members, Additionally, we will work with you to deliver the most efficient acquisition tools, be it for student members or in multi-association industries.

Your value proposition includes:

  • Professional insurances and legal helplines
  • 3000+ exclusive discounts
  • Exclusive benefits and upgrades
  • Breakdown cover, lounge access & mobile office space
  • Retention incentives
  • SME focussed discounts
  • Membership Hubs
  • Concierge service


Case Study: Ticket Concierge

A broad based concierge service for a UK membership body


3000+ unbeatable discounts and deals

Your favourite brands - easily available through our innovative online voluntary benefits portal


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How it works?

  • Choose a package that fits your needs
  • Tailor the solution working with our engagement consultant
  • Create a marketing strategy to ensure your team gets the most out of the programme