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On Thursday 7 March 2019 Xexec organised an exclusive breakfast event at The Ivy for HR and Reward Professionals. During the event Masha Boldyreva, Interim Executive Vice President of HR at Colt Technology Services, discussed how recognition is key to unlocking discretionary effort amongst staff and outlined key factors to consider when launching (or re-launching) an employee recognition programme. 

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding (or defining) your organisation's core values
  • Why it's important to link core values with behaviours you would like to foster
  • The challenges that Colt faced in their existing employee recognition programme
  • How to re-design an employee recognition programme for the modern day
  • The necessity of goals within a recognition strategy
  • About 'Colt Inspire' - the new employee recognition platform
  • Top 10 recognition features in Colt Inspire
  • Challenges and key learning lessons for any Reward Specialist