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The value of a concierge service as part of a benefits package

As organisations look to offer benefits that make a tangible difference to their employees’ quality of life, offering concierge services as a voluntary benefit has gone from being 'nice to have' to forming a key part of any comprehensive benefits package.

Recognition must be about reinforcing culture and values

Staff Recognition For Culture & Values

A panel of experts – which included Michael Rose, Reward Strategy Consultant and author of Reward Management, Sally Purbrick, Head of Reward at Anglian Water and Jamie King, Head of Reward at Xexec – identify a number of practical steps how organisations can implement a successful recognition strategy.

Got Talent? 10 Tips to Spot Talent in Your Company…

Spot Company Talent

One of the most difficult and important jobs for managers and Human Resources teams is to spot talent. According to recent research by CEB Global, the work environment is very different now to five years ago, which makes spotting rising stars even more difficult.

Which is the Better Employer - Facebook or Google?

Better Employer Facebook or Google?

There is fierce competition among Human Resources Directors from top companies to attract and retain top talent. A critical way that companies compete is through Employee Engagement - ensuring that employees feel valued through great benefits, reward and recognition schemes and building the right culture and environment.

Three Very Different Loyal Customers

Different Loyal Customers

The value of a loyal customer is obvious — there is plenty of research available that demonstrates a loyal customer’s tendency to spend more, stay longer and advocate to others. For example, a study by the Centre for Retail Management found that retailers could tie 55–75% of their revenue to their loyal customers, which usually represent just 12–15% of the entire customer base.


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